SÄLEN Snowmobile Tours and rental

More Activities has two locations in the Sälen Mountains. Our Hundfjället Snowmobile Centre is just 5 minutes from Hundfjället town centre. Here, you can join us for guided tours on our very own private trails, and experience winter adventures truly beyond the average! Our other Activity Centre lies right in the centre of Stöten ski area, from which we offer guided tours or private snowmobile hire for you who wish to explore by yourselves. The Sälen Mountains offer 400 km of snowmobile trails with unlimited options for exciting and unforgettable snowmobile experiences.

Learn more about each tour by reading about them separately.
Once you have chosen your tour, press the purple button ”BOKA NU”.
You can choose English as your language by clicking the flag on the top right of the window.

Unfortunately both ”The Wilderness Tour” and ”The Norway Tour” is not bookable due to the lack of snow.
Hopefully these tours will be available by the 31st of Janurary.


Can we borrow necessary equipment?

We have overalls, boots and helmets for those who wish to borrow equipment for their tour. Available sizes are adult size XS (53-54 cm) to XL (61-62 cm). Adults must use a proper helmet (not ski helmets). However it is permitted for children of ages 0-6 years to wear their ski helmet.

What licenses do I need to drive a snowmobile?

You are allowed to drive a snowmobile in a guided group if you posses a drivers license. Swedish licenses class A or AM (moped class 1), a tractor license or a snowmobile license are also valid.

The requirements are different if you wish to hire a snowmobile. To hire a snowmobile you need a valid snowmobile license or a Swedish drivers license issued prior to 01/01/2000. 

As a foreign driver from an EES*-country you have the rights to hire and drive a snowmobile if you are allowed to do this in your home country or if you posses a Swedish snowmobile license. If you cannot prove this, you are much welcome to join us on a guided tour instead. *EES-countries are members of the EU as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

For Norwegian drivers these rules apply: From 1/7/2006 you need a license class S to drive and hire a snowmobile. Minimum age is 16 y.o. in what case you are allowed to drive a class 1 snowmobile, which our’s are. Licenses A, A1, B, S and T issued before 1/7/2006 are also valid.

Finnish drivers need a license class T to be allowed to hire our snowmobiles.

Children / Riding in a sled:

Heading out into nature on a snowmobile engages children in a wonderful experience. If a child wishes to ride on the back of a snowmobile, they must be big enough to hold on to either the snowmobile’s handrails or around the waist of the driver.  A child may NOT sit in front of the driver. A snowmobile is registered for strictly 2 persons only – to have more is absolutely forbidden.

We have sleds for hire which allow both children and adults to safely enjoy the same experience. Smaller children who cannot sit behind and hold on to an adult can ride along in these sleds. The sleds are towed behind the snowmobile and you can rent these on both our guided tours as well as if you are riding privately. We recommend children of age 0-4 years to be accompanied by an adult in the sled. Maximum age  for children in our sleds are 7 years, provided that the child is able to hold on to the driver. The sled fit 2 smaller children and 1 adult.
Bring a warm blanket!

Please contact us for more information.

Do you cancel in bad weather?

We have snowmobile trails in protected terrain and on private tracks, so we are able to easily customize routes which are safe and suited to the prevailing weather. We are seldom forced to cancel a tour.

Snowmobiles and alcohol...

…do not go well together. It is an offence punishable by law to drive a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The same rules apply as for driving a vehicle. We have the right to refuse any person we suspect to be under the influence.

Map to Stöten

Map to Hundfjället