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Under the Stars

Many people think that you can't go on a snowmobile ride after dark. But slowly making your way through the forest and up the mountain by the light of the snowmobile lanterns and moonlight is a magical experience. The calm has worn off and you're usually on your own out here in the wilderness. Then we take the opportunity to stop, enjoy the silence and have a warm drink with a freshly baked bun under the open sky.

Time: 2 hours
Price: 1195 kr/ scooter, ex VAT

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Our snowmobile tours depart from both our centre in Stöten and Hundfjället. Send us a booking request and we will get back to you about availability and what applies to your particular tour!

More Activities in Sälen

More Activities runs two activity centres in Sälen - one in the middle of Stöten and one at Hundfjället, just a few kilometres from the new airport. With our own leased land, we can take you on private trails that wind through the wilderness. On guided tours, you don't need a snowmobile license, you can drive with a regular driver's license. Read more about what applies under FAQ on each tour, or feel free to contact us directly!




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