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Swedish Midsummer

Let the "Little Frogs" echo loudly more than once a year! With us, you can celebrate Midsummer whenever you want, with traditional games and challenges to suit everyone. Tie wreaths, dress the pole and make summer memories together! In this concept, we take Midsummer celebrations to a professional level with real Midsummer poles and everything else traditional that you can imagine. "Swedish Midsummer" is a great addition to a summer party or conference that is guaranteed to lift the spirits with dancing and games.

Time required: 2 h
Price: 695 SEK/person, ex. VAT+ start-up fee*

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*For all activities there is a start-up fee based on the size of the group:
8-19 pers. 2750 SEK, 20-49 pers. 3750 kr, 50+ pers. 4750 SEK, ex. VAT

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Our outdoor activities are mobile, which means we can come to any address. For example, to your office, the conference centre you are at or anywhere! In the PDFs you can read the specification of the area the activity requires. You are very welcome to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!



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