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Checkpoint Challenge

An exciting tabletop game that challenges the classic team building exercises! Checkpoint Challenge is a GPS-driven orientation and active quiz game that also includes a number of fun photo missions. The activity can be fully adapted for different environments and companies. Tailor the game to your company or conference theme by sending us your own questions!

Time: 1,5 h
Price: 425 SEK/person, ex. VAT+ start-up fee*

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*For all activities there is a start-up fee based on the size of the group:
8-19 pers. 2750 SEK, 20-49 pers. 3750 kr, 50+ pers. 4750 SEK, ex. VAT

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Our outdoor activities are mobile, which means we can come to any address. For example, to your office, the conference centre you are at or anywhere! In the PDFs you can read the specification of the area the activity requires. You are very welcome to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!



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