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Mystery Box

Our latest & cleverest activity! Try our mobile version of the popular "Escape Room". Mystery Box takes you on a puzzling journey where you face several challenges. Groups are divided and compete in teams who each receive a box. One by one, the puzzles must be solved for the team to progress in the game. A team battle where everyone's heads will be scratched, and needed, to solve the challenges and unlock the box!
The mystery box can be organised both indoors and outdoors and is equally suitable as a break in the conference or after dinner.
Who will be the winners?

Time required: 1,5 h
Price: 395 SEK/person, ex. VAT + starting fee*

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*For all activities there is a starting fee based on the size of the group:
8-19 pers. 2500 SEK, 20-49 pers. 3500 kr, 50+ pers. 4500 kr, ex. VAT

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Our indoor activities are mobile, which means we can come to any address. For example to your office, the conference centre you are at or anywhere! In the PDFs you can read the specifications of the space the activity requires. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!



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