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Mingle Quiz

The perfect activity for the leg-stretcher during the meeting, for the pre-drink or during dinner! Compete against each other in the Mingle Quiz - a classic quiz that raises the pulse of both break and participants. Groups are divided into teams, who either at standing tables or at the dinner tables are each given a tablet to play with. The activity is divided into two rounds and can therefore be easily adapted to the rest of the programme. Mingle Quiz can also be easily tailored with your own questions or themes to make it a perfect fit for your moment!

Time required: 45 min
Price: 275 SEK/person, ex. VAT+ starting fee*
-In case of implementation during dinner 50 SEK/person will be added

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*For all activities there is a start-up fee based on the size of the group:
8-19 pers. 2750 SEK, 20-49 pers. 3750 kr, 50+ pers. 4750 SEK, ex. VAT

We come to you!

Our indoor activities are mobile, which means we can come to any address. For example to your office, the conference centre you are at or anywhere! In the PDFs you can read the specifications of the space the activity requires. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!



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