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Checkpoint Challenge

This exciting iPad-game gives you a chance of getting to know the place you’re visiting in a whole new way. Checkpoint Challenge is a team competition where you’ll earn your points by finding checkpoints on a map, answering questions and accomplishing tasks that will appear on the screen of your iPad. Checkpoint Challenge can be applied to all places and surroundings and if you wish, you can also send us some own questions to be added in the game.

Time: 1,5h

Price: 395 SEK / pers. + starting fee*

Flag Hunt

The old classic is back in new clothes! See who clears the game field fastest and collects the most points. Flag Hunt is the slightly faster version of ”Checkpoint Challenge” which simply involves collecting as many flags as possible during a limited time. The teams can see each other in the game field and also play strategically by putting traps to each other and stealing points from the other teams.

Time: 1,5h

Price: 395 SEK / pers. + starting fee*


This easy-going teambuilding practice will definitely make you think, sweat, laugh and communicate better with your colleagues! Your group will be divided into teams that compete against each other in 5-6 stations that will be adjusted to your groups hopes and needs. We can set up Teamwork at the conference center, field or a park and in some cases can also indoors (contact us for more information). A given activity for all conference groups!

Time: 1,5h

Price: 395 SEK / pers. + starting fee*

Cook with your colleagues

Cooking together is both cozy and innovative, but also very good practice for group dynamics. In this activity we come with all the equipment & commodities for a really nice outdoor lunch / dinner that you can put together. Coffee and simple dessert are included in the price!

Time: 2h

Price: 650 SEK / pers. + starting fee*

Swedish Midsummer

Speaking of Swedish traditions, the midsummer celebration is probably the one everyone living in Sweden is familiar with. In our new concept we take the Midsummer celebration to a professional level with a real midsummer pole, wreaths, games and all other traditions just as you can imagine. ”Swedish Midsummer” is a great addition to the summer party or conference which is guaranteed to lift the atmosphere of dance and play. Especially recommended for international groups / guests!

Time: 2h

Price: 395 SEK / pers. + starting fee*

Laser clay pidgeon shooting 

A popular activity that suits everyone! True guns that have been rebuilt with advanced laser technology make this activity absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. Because we use the laser technique instead of ammunition, you can keep a higher pace and hits and points appear directly on an electronic scoreboard. The laser clay pidgeon shooting can also be combined with other activities. 

Time: 1h

Price: 295 SEK / pers. + starting fee* 


A fast-paced and guaranteed fun activity that works great for both business parties, customer events, bachelor parties or just a day with friends – even in the winter! The so called ”bumberball”, filled with air, is thrown over the body with leaving only the legs to stand out. In this game, the ball is your safety cover but also your weapon during the match. See you in the field!

Time: 1h

Price: 275 SEK / pers. + starting fee*

Ice Sculpting

Ice is a great material to work with and it is surprisingly fast to master the art of sculpting ice. This easy-going and relaxed activity can be implemented anywhere and is something that suits most people! After dividing the group into teams, they will each get an own ice block and tools to work with. During the activity we have instructors assisting the teams. Ice sculpture can be performed all year round and can therefore be a fun, different activity even during summer period.

Time: 1,5h – 2h 

Price: 1950 SEK / ice cube (4-6 pers.) + starting fee*

INdoor activities

Music Battle

An activity where the participants’ knowledge about music gets tested for real! In this fast-paced quiz, the teams compete against each other by guessing intron, continuing song lyrics and showing what they know about music culture from different time periods. Works perfectly as a break during the conference or before / after dinner.

Time: 1h 

Price: 275 SEK / pers. + starting fee*

Mingle Quiz 

A perfect game to play during a pause, champagne mingle or by a dinner table. This is a classical quiz which you will play with iPads. Mingle Quiz can be shared in two different parts to match the activity with your meeting program. If you really wish to integrate this activity with your conference, you can also choose to send you own questions to us!

Time: 45 min

Price: 250 SEK / pers. + starting fee* 

Photo Challenge

Add some creativity to your meeting! All teams will get a list of thirty funny challenges and a camera to work with. The teams will be collecting points by taking pictures of the different challenges. These pictures you’ll get as a memory after we have finished the game!

Time: 1,5 h

Price: 275 SEK / pers. + starting fee*

* For all activities there will be added a starting fee, based on the size of the group: 8-19 pers. 2500 kr, 20-49 pers. 3500 kr, 50+ pers. 4500 kr.

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